A new video posted by LG explains all the details of its new ‘T’ shaped smartphone, and how many times it can be rotated.

He LG Wing It is one of the rarest smartphones of all time, partly because of its ‘T’ shaped design. A device that has been talked about in recent days, and now the company has explained how tough it is in a full video.

The new smartphone from the Korean company stands out for having a 6.8-inch FullVision P-OLED main screen, and just below it another hidden 3.9-inch secondary panel. But that’s not all, since the firm has achieved that when the main screen is rotated horizontally, the LG Wing obtains a ‘T’ shaped design with two fully functional screens. But, how does it work? It’s very tough? LG itself has given an answer to those big questions.

This is the new LG Wing, the signature ‘T’ shaped mobile.

The Asian manufacturer has published a new video on his official YouTube channel in which they show and explain the interior of the LG Wing, in addition to offering information on the resistance of the device. Users have wondered about the durability of that pivot mechanism which causes the terminal to adopt a ‘T’ shape, so the company wanted to go out front to reassure future buyers of the LG Wing.

A video that explains the mechanism of the new LG Wing and its durability

A video that offers a new look at the phone at the LG Wing, a device that is more durable than you might think. The company claims that there are three specific parts that make the pivot mechanism very durableincluding a double spring, a double track guide, and a hydraulic piston damper.

In fact, the Korean brand itself ensures that they have carried out exhaustive tests on the mechanism, completing more than 200,000 cycles. In addition, the video also serves to know that the terminal has another mechanical part that moves: the selfie camera.

The video shows that there is an automatic retraction mechanism that protects the camera during a possible fall, but there is no automatic flip mechanism to protect the main screen and the overall integrity of the phone. The company carried out some nice lab tests, but it remains to be seen if its performance and durability on a day-to-day basis is as successful as LG advertises in the video.

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