LG denies rumors that it would stop making cell phones

An alleged actual leak claimed that LG would shut down its smartphone business at the end of January 2021. It all turns out to be false for obvious reasons.

It seems a lie, but in reality for a long time there were people who believed that LG it would close its business division dedicated to manufacturing cell phones.

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 We saw how they presented both prototypes, concepts, and new devices.

However, an uncomfortable rumor had circulated for some days where his exit from that industry was assured. Many thought it was true and now reality is verified.

LG still stands

But you need to give them a bit of context. It happens that one of the most reliable sources for leaks on the web, The Elec, published a news of an alleged internal memo where it was notified about the closure of the business in LG by the end of this January 2021.

Given the nature of the leak and where it happened, many believed it to be true. But in itself shortly after the page removed the news, creating further confusion.

So now Ken Hong, Director of Global Corporate Communications at LG Electronics had to come out to give an official and forceful statement to the people of XDA Developers:

Everything is definitely false, it is more speculation and rumors.

So it was all a lie. And the reality is that it was all more than obvious taking into account all the announcements they made recently.

In fact, the executive took advantage of the space to talk about the striking LG Rollable and revealed that they would officially present it at some point in late 2021.

So LG still stands and has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Enough to keep track of your announcements.