LG could help Apple with the foldable iPhone

Rumors about a possible foldable iPhone continue to grow in number and strengthen in terms of sources. Now, DigiTimes is the one that has shared a report born from industry sources, who assure that Apple is already working on the development of foldable OLED panels for your phones. This could mean many things, but the main thing is that it has never been so clear that this experiment is real.

foldable iPhoneFoldable iPhone Concept by @EveryApplePro

According to DigiTimes itself, LG Display would be supporting the development of this panel for your iPhone. However, this would not imply that it was within the production line. In fact, it could be limited to making prototypes or other test projects before getting down to business with the device itself. Of course, if you were part of the production line, you would not be alone.

According to rumors, Samsung would also be present in the development and the production of the new screens. In fact, it would not be strange for Apple to apply solutions already found in current AMOLED panels.

Building on that experience, the Cupertino company would continue to offer one of the best display experiences on the market, or at least on a par with what they already offer at Samsung. Let’s not forget that Super Retina XDR displays are some of the best out there in the mobile phone industry, even though they don’t have TruMotion yet.

foldable iPhoneApple’s foldable iPhone has already been tested by one of its manufacturers.

At the moment, we can do little more than dream about what this foldable iPhone could be. We don’t know if we’ll ever see it, but if we do, it’s probably one of the biggest changes the iPhone experiences in all its history, even greater than the one that the iPhone gave when it jumped to the iPhone X.

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If all the rumors are true, 2023 should be the right year for its official launch. Furthermore, it would also be the first terminal in the range compatible with the Apple Pencil, which would make it even more attractive to an audience looking for an experience closer to that of a tablet than that of a phone.