LG announces that it will not manufacture more mobile phones and ends an era | Technology

The rumors are confirmed: LG has announced that it will stop manufacturing mobile phones to focus its efforts on other areas.

Last week we published an article about the rumors about LG’s possible exit from the mobile phone sector and these were confirmed a few hours ago. LG has launched a statement informing about the closure of this business and ends a long period in which it has tried to succeed with different models and proposals.

As published by LG, they will stop manufacturing mobile phones immediately and between now and July 2021 they will close the business and reorganizing the company. The goal now will be “focus resources on growth areas, as components of electric vehicles, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business solutions, as well as platforms and services. “

During recent years have seen a difficult time for LG mobile phones. The company has found a strong rival in Samsung with high-end models and enormous competition from Chinese manufacturers for more affordable phones, The Verge reports.

One of the aspects that can concern LG mobile users the most now is in the bracket. In the statement it has been reported that this will continue, although it has been avoided to give a specific date on how long, it has only been noted that it will be maintained “for a period of time that will vary according to the region.”

The statement put an end to the rumors that did not stop arriving after five years with almost uninterrupted losses in all quarters and some proposals that they did not achieve the expected impact on the market despite how innovative they were, as has been seen with the design of the LG Wing, for example.

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Before closing this area there have been negotiations to find a buyer, although they have not been able to reach an agreement and a decision has been made that has always been at the head of the company, despite having refused for months.

In any case, It has been many years with LG phones in our hands and we only have to regret the loss that will be lived in the sector after the abandonment of a manufacturer known to all. Now it remains to be seen how the business closes, what happens to the workers and how long the support lasts for the mobiles that remain active.