LG agrees to keep updating some mobiles for 3 more years | Technology

LG has released a statement to inform that it will continue to update some of its mobiles for the next three years.

After confirming that LG stopped manufacturing mobile phones, the first question of many current users was what would happen to their devices. On previous occasions there has been a situation where a company stops offering support almost immediately and this was one of the existing fears, but in LG have wanted to calm the situation.

In the latest statement from LG it is reported that the company will keep updating Android OS for three years in some of the devices, especially in the most powerful or modern, while in others there will be at least two more updates.

The three years with updates will be lived in the Velvet, Wing, G and V series mobiles. These are the most powerful and high-end, although they will benefit from this support as long as they are from 2019 or later. While, K series and some 2020 devices will have two updates more, although it has not been clarified which exactly will be affected.

This news seems quite satisfactory, especially seeing that they still suffer a certain delay when it comes to updating some mobiles to Android 11. But with the three years to which they are committed it is almost guaranteed that users will be able to enjoy at least Android 13, which will reassure many, especially considering that it is strange to have the same mobile for so long.

The reactions that have been seen for the moment are being of satisfaction before the novelty that has been communicated, a “commitment of 3 years” by LG is a lot more than you could think when the news was released and the first news about it began to arrive.

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Now it seems that the road is clear of doubts and We will know how all the business that LG had in mobile telephony is dismantled and to which sectors it decides to move workers that was in it. Apart from the continuous losses suffered with its mobiles, LG continues to be a very powerful company that makes profits in almost all areas, an aspect that will reassure many of those affected.