Lexus LFA and its superb V10: any past time was better


Thanks to technology and platforms like YouTube we can continue to enjoy the sound that this authentic Japanese unicorn emanated … Heavenly music!

Hybrids, micro-hybrids, electric, plug-ins, fuel cells, extended autonomies, particle filters… Yes, we know that it was necessary to start giving the planet some breathing space, but… what about emotions? Who has thought about emotions? Even so, we are lucky that the R8 and Huracán with atmospheric V10 engine or the extraordinary Ferrari 812 Superfast, Aventador SVJ or Pagani Huayra V12 are still alive. Very soon it will be their turn too. Of course, they will have left a mark … an indelible mark like the one left by the formidable Lexus LFAA supercar with overflowing Japanese essence and a 4.8-liter front V10 that was an engineering marvel.

We got to drive the Lexus LFA!

Lexus LFA: one of the most precious (and sought after) modern jewels

Today, Toyota’s premium brand counts as spearheads with the beautiful LC500h and with the LC500 convertible variant (without electrification.) However – and although both boast outstanding performance, do not misunderstand me -, neither reaches the 560 CV promised by its very limited ancestor, nor did they produce the melody that came out of those three already mythical exhaust outlets. The LFA block, in whose development Yamaha also did a great job, It would stretch to 9,400rpm howling like no other car off an assembly line. Only the sublime Porsche Carrera GT could have approached him as the main antagonist (in the case of the German, in addition, the pilot found himself with a manual gearbox that made him integrate even more in the driving.)

The point is that, taking advantage of that nostalgia that invades our body, the YouTube channel Supercar Driver has given us the pleasure of publishing a video in which it remembers all the good things about that unicorn of which only half a thousand units were manufactured. Yes, the interview with the owner is in English, but what is really important is what the engine counts. We do not doubt that you will enjoy it, at least, as we have enjoyed it… Ah! And don’t get too infatuated, because an LFA would now cost you close to a million eurazos.

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