Lewis Tan confirms that he was a candidate to be Shang-Chi in the MCU

Lewis Tan and Shang-Chi: the actor confirms that he was a candidate

The actor Lewis tan is another of these names that sound recurrently in the film industry and superhero series for multiple roles, but it never makes the front page. The actor made a small appearance as Shatterstar in Fox’s “Deadpool 2,” and we previously saw him as Zhou Cheng in “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” a minor role considering he was a candidate for lead Danny Rand.

At the time, Tan came to sound also for the film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, What candidate for the role of Shang-ChiHowever, it was not something that sounded too much. In a new interview, Tan has confirmed that he was among the list of names considered for the role of Shang-chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although this role ended up in the hands of actor Simu Liu.

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During the promotion of the next movie “Mortal Kombat”, in which he plays Cole Young, he admits that he found out that he was going to participate in this film just after receiving the sad news that he had not gotten the role of Shang-Chi, what who shares that it was a devastating blow at the time.

I just lost a crazy job – a very, very high level job – and I heard the news on a plane to Japan and was devastated.

It was for the role of Shang-Chi in a Marvel movie..

Then Tan explains that he had to take a meditation course to overcome this news.

I did this mediation course, and I came back and then I was on my way to Nashville, Tennessee, to race cars in NASCAR….

As we said, the role ended up being for the actor Simu Liu, who coincidentally is a good friend of Tan, and for that very reason He is very confident that Liu is going to do a good job:

A friend of mine, Simu, got that role. And I think he’s going to do a fantastic job with the material.

Looking at the bigger picture, Tan reaffirmed that “everything happens at the right time”, and is genuinely excited that “diverse people are directing these incredible films” within the MCU:

Everything happens at the right time [por] the right reason and looking back at everything that unfolded, I wouldn’t change it for an instant. I am so grateful for the opportunity, and so grateful that such diverse people are directing these incredible films.

Seeing our faces, which are normally overlooked, and having the opportunity to be part of that change that I couldn’t see growing up, is an honor for me and I’m happy for everyone else.

Recall that in 2018, Lewis Tan also acknowledged that he held a meeting to give life to Nightwing in that solo film that was preparing for the character and that he was also in the middle of development.

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