The hexacampeón wants motor sport to reflect the diversity of society

Has created an initiative for young black engineers to seek their place in F1

He wants to be remembered for his work to change the world through education

The Hamilton Commission is the new initiative of Lewis Hamilton. Created jointly with the Royal Academy of Engineering, it is a program for the promotion and recruitment of talent aimed at attracting young blacks to competitive engineering. The objective is to break barriers and make the queen category more diverse.

“When I look back 20 years from here, I want to see that the sport that gave so many opportunities to a young black working-class boy from Stevenage has become as diverse a place as the complex and multicultural world we live in.” , declares the six-time world champion in a letter sent to The Times.

Hamilton claims that, despite his personal success in the sport as a driver, “the institutional barriers that have made Formula 1 as exclusive and elitist as it are are still there.” He notes that “thousands of people work in the competition industry and that group has to be more representative of real society.”

“The image of the Formula 1 community means that they can only fully accept certain types of people. People who are in a certain way, who come from a certain place, who fit the mold and who play by certain rules.

Lewis defines The Hamilton Commission as “a research alliance dedicated to investigating how motor sports can be used as a vehicle to reach young people with black backgrounds specializing in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to be employed on our teams or in other engineering sectors. ”

“Everyone has a purpose and in these last few weeks I have been much clearer about what is mine. I want to channel my energy, influence and investment to create a more inclusive world. That journey begins with education, which is the path to opportunities. That is why I have become an ambassador for the United Nations. ”

Access to education is crucial in our fight for equality. If we really want to change things, we need to make the people in charge more diverse. But that ambition is much more difficult to achieve if children don’t get the education they need. ”

“In the racing industry, that evolution of the equation begins with understanding the barriers we have to break and what catalysts we have to invest in to accelerate change. Symbolic gestures are over. I hope the The Hamilton Commission will lead to a real, tangible and verifiable change. ”

“Winning world championships is fantastic, but I want to be remembered for my work trying to create a more egalitarian society through education. That is what motivates me. ”

Lewis Hamilton has been very critical in recent weeks with the silence that the other Formula 1 drivers kept for the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, in Minneapolis, United States. His words motivated multiple pilots to speak on the matter to condemn racism, including names such as Carlos Sainz or Charles Leclerc.

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