Lewis Hamilton acknowledges failed negotiations with Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton live one of his sweetest moments as a pilot. This season he has not only been able to surpass the record of victories of Michael Schumacher, but also has equaled the seven world championships harvested by this one. Not content with it, the Briton has set out to change the world through sport. Hamilton is increasingly involved in politics, something that allows him Mercedes but that perhaps it would not have been possible in another team like Ferrari, with which you have negotiated.

We spoke from time to time, but we did not go beyond understanding what options were on the table, and they were not the right ones.”, Lewis Hamilton admitted in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Our positions have never lined up. I think time matters and things happen in the end for a reason. In recent seasons, my contract always expired in different years than all the other drivers. In the end, that’s how it was ”, he added.

Hamilton also acknowledged that he was afraid of not adapting to Ferrari: “At McLaren I grew a lot, but they had certain expectations about how a pilot should behave and contrasted with the fact that I have always been a stranger, a nonconformist ”.

Hamilton signed for Mercedes and not for Ferrari to be himself

Mercedes, for its part, has allowed Lewis Hamilton to be the driver he is today. “Before signing for Mercedes I said ‘I am different from the others. Let me be myself, let me experiment because I have to find out who I am. In any case, I help you and make the brand grow in the youth world in a better way. ‘ And that’s what happened ”, he added.

Inspired by Muhammad Ali, Hamilton recently commented: “I think some of the people who run these sports have been very nervous about getting into politics. or they feel they are going to get entangled in a political dispute. But it’s not really about politics, it’s human rights and standing up for something”.

“As Nelson Mandela said: ‘Sport has the ability to change the world‘. There is the power of the people who watch, the people who keep this sport the way it is, while we continue to provide them with entertainment and improve the entertainment, and we have to encourage them to do the right thing, ”added Hamilton.