Levante push into the quarterfinals | sports

Morales celebrates 2-4 against Valladolid in the Cup.Morales celebrates 2-4 against Valladolid in the Copa.R. García / .

There are teams that seem to have plenty of the illusion that the Copa del Rey generates, without wanting to perform feats while the hobbies, barren of joys in dark times, dream of the cup-bearer varnish. Real Valladolid and Levante jumped to Zorrilla as if the important consumption was at stake on the weekend, which too, and this sip was rather a hindrance. This initial lack of ambition translated into flashes of talent as well as mistakes. First, Toni Villa slyly infiltrated the visiting rear and, with a shot with the toe between the goalkeeper’s legs, that painful pipe, smiled.

The surprise of both, unexpected in a meeting that happened so hot, as if nothing, soon matched. Bardhi, smart as he was and a free kick taker like the best, took advantage of the fact that Pucela did not place anyone at ground level to sneak a sibylline ball under the barrier that paralyzed Roberto. Fair tie for merits and demerits. Posts to err, another failure before the break. Villarrasa gave back, squishy. Joaquín assumed that everything would be fine, Roberto trusted himself, Malsa took advantage of the gift and left the blanquivioletas stunned, as if they discovered then that no one here forgives.

Several stops by Roberto preceded Coke’s success after the holiday. The blush awakened Valladolid and Weissman, a scorer by profession, converted a shipment from Orellana. It was Cárdenas’s turn to dust off his gloves, which until then only kept him from the cold, to make Hervías and Alcaraz bitter. It was this who, when trying to burst it in a clearance, committed an absurd penalty that scared away any threat of comeback.

Morales was right and commanded the Levantinists to victory with much more ease. Sergio watched from the band how that of “doing the impossible” to overcome the tie that he proclaimed in the previous one was left in the attempt of his players.

Friday’s result against Huesca in the league competition will determine if the disappointment of the Cup for Valladolid is at least slightly offset. Those of Paco López, opposite worlds, enjoy a toast and the priceless invitation to dream ahead of the quarterfinals.