letter to Alberto Fernández against gender violence

The collective of women and self-organized dissidents they spread a letter addressed to President Alberto Fernández in which they demand that « gender-based violence be a priority issue for the national government » and for the judicial system « that has proven to ignore the problem. » In addition, they detail urgent measures to stop sexist violence.

Nora Cortiñas, Estela de Carlotto, Rita Segato, Julieta Díaz, Gloria Carrá, Nacha Guevara, Mercedes Morán, Cecilia Dopazzo, Débora Plager, María O’donnell, Florencia Etcheves and Claudia Piñeiro, were some of the personalities who signed the letter to the president .

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Femicides in Argentina

Every 23 hours a woman is murdered in Argentina for gender reasons: « Time is up. » After the femicide of Ursula Bahillo, the women and dissidents collective shouts once again « Enough of sexist violence, enough of femicides. »

The letter signed by more than 400 women, highlights the gender violence as « a structural problem in the country » that deepened in the context of the pandemic by coronavirus (Covid-19). In this sense, they express that « we cannot tolerate one more death of women and feminized identities, who pay with their lives the cost of a masculinity that has the power to possess them. »

In addition, after the Úrsula case, who filed a complaint against her attacker on 18 occasions, the group indicates that the justice systemit has shown « to disbelieve the word of the victims, minimize their complaints, disregard desperate requests for help and protection. »



Gender violence: urgent measures

The feminist collective asks the President of the Nation, members of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Power a comprehensive, urgent and priority State policy to address the problem of sexist violence. Therefore, they detail concrete and « urgent » actions:

Declare the national emergency for violence against women and dissidents for gender reasons Effective and real coordination between the Judicial Power, the security forces and the municipalities to address each case
Systematic training on the subject for the operators involved in the care of cases A early warning system where all complaints are gathered
Panic buttons with anklets for the defendant
Sanctions for judicial or security force officials who make serious mistakes in their task of protecting victims Compliance with the Comprehensive Sex Education Law (ESI)