I believe, and I honestly say, that the future of video games lives in the independent industry. A company risks only if restless minds advance in unison, resonating loudly through our pads, our screens and glasses. And for this, an indie must have shown that it can be done on a small scale.

Let’s talk about PlayStation Talents

Maybe it sounds to you, or not, I don’t know, what it is PlayStation Talents. This initiative-contest by PlayStation Spain works as follows: they provide mentoring to the participating studios within it and publicity through the events they carry out under the seal of PlayStation Talents. All these games compete, in turn, to win the prize of the contest, which consists of 100k euros for the development of the video game, publication of the same on the PlayStation Store, development kits, promotion and marketing with a value of 200k € and a I work for 10 months for the study.

Basically, the winner gets financing for the project and a place to finish it. For a developer it is a VERY succulent prize, without a doubt. In addition, there are a variety of categorical awards beyond the main one, such as the most innovative, best narrative, etc. A good opportunity for new or low-budget studios to try to consolidate within the sector. So, we are going to try to do a review of the live show on Thursday the 21st. Remember that they are games in independent development when dealing with them, so in most cases they are not very polished products. Without further delay, here we go!

The Five Covens

The first game presented for this edition of PlayStation Talents The Five Covens is a three-dimensional adventure game with puzzle elements. One of which is in an earlier stage of development. A project that was born as a final grade project and that has been in development for seven months where the little witch Brenda must try to escape from the dungeons where she has been captured by mastering the magic that she possesses as a member of one of the five main houses of the Gaarth world.

Do not open

The first VR game developed in Valencia and the only one of its kind in the presentation of PlayStation Talents of this year. Do Not Open was born out of a period of creative drought by the team that culminated in a visit to an Escape Room. After the experience, the team decided to capture their feelings in a puzzle game with touches of humor that will trigger adrenaline to those who try it.

Lethal Honor: Essense

This project I am lucky to say that I tried it by chance at this year’s Valencia Indie Summit and I have to say that I liked what I tried. Lethal Honor: Essense is a rogue-like action with an isometric perspective and a celshading visual style that, in addition, is free to download the beta from Itch.io, so if you are interested in trying it, you can give it a go by clicking on the link in your name.

Operation Highjump

This game is the earliest of all those shown, since only concept arts of it could be seen. According to the developers, Operation Highjump is a tactical shooter with classic run & gun elements and a very nice pixel-art. Can anything improve it? Right, his cover of the game is one of Alfonso Azpiri’s latest works.

Walls of Lies

A two-dimensional rogue-like with a pretty cool Gothic aesthetic with a player mode where, when all players manage to escape from the dungeon, the game turns into an all-against-all where only one can be the winner. Without a doubt, as a multiplayer bet, Wall of Lies has a very interesting approach that I have never seen before.

Corbid! A Colorful Adventure

Very nice game of puzzles and platforms. I loved its color and it reminded me a lot of a game that I love, Woodle Tree Adventures. When I saw the Corbid trailer, I thought it was cute and looks funny.

The Library of Babel

One of the titles that I liked most of all the live. The Library of Babel is based on the homonymous story by Jorge Luis Borges to set the scene, combining the graphic adventure with the platforms and reminding me of a Ghost 1.0 meets Hollow Knight in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. Wishing I could taste it.

Clid The Snake

A snail exiled from its land knows a gang of animals of the most varied and messes with the world. A game about those who do not fit into society, Clid The Snail is a tu against the neighborhood of frantic action and with a very artistic section. This also already won the award for best game and best art of the VI edition of PlayStation Talents.

Inner Ashes

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, nobody can say the opposite of this statement. To give visibility to this disease, Inner Ashes puts us in the context of a ranger with Alzheimer’s disease where puzzles are ways of contextualizing the disease and its different phases while trying to remember. Playable is a game like The Witness, with an art that is also reminiscent of the work of Jonathan Blow. Earnings.

Itadaki Smash

How could the beat’em up proposal be lacking in such an event? Easy, because Itadaki Smash is here for it. A pretty horny game with celshading aesthetics that pays quite a tribute to classics like the great Streets of Rage (of which we recently had the fourth part, as Kris tells you).

Summer in Mara

Closing with this game is cheating. I think everyone knows this great game that the good people of Chibig are preparing, and if not, very bad of you. Summer in Mara is a Harvest Moon type game with an exceptional artistic and sound section where we will have an island with inhabitants to explore, with crafting elements to make the game one of the most anticipated Spanish indies of the year.

Spanish games, all of them independent and with ambition. Now the question is obvious and I leave it to close this little review that we have done at the hour and a half directive that the team of PlayStation TalentsWhat is your favorite?