The controversy between Nick kyrgios and Pablo Carreño. A controversy that the Australian tennis player does not want to end. After saying that the Spaniard would not be in the Top-50 if there were no gravel tournaments, a message that he later deleted from social networks and that caused the Asturian’s reply in #Vamos. « Kyrgios must be bored at home », I answer.

Now, Kyrgios himself returned to the fray in an interview on the Today Show. «I gave my opinion on something and he answered me. I felt his comment was ridiculous and decided to compare the results of our matches. What is clear is that he has never beaten me. Let’s face it, Pablo is not PicassoKyrgios said with a laugh.

The australian also attacked Djokovic, who has been the target of criticism for his actions during the coronavirus hiatus. « Nole we don’t like tennis players, but he’s a guy who draws in the masses, » he explained.