Let’s celebrate National Hot Dog Day!

15 minutes. This July 21 is the third Wednesday of the month of July, a day designated in the United States as National Hot Dog Day, an occasion to celebrate this food that is one of the favorites of North American citizens.

Hot dogs are usually sold at any time of the year and almost anywhere. However, the places where this food is most enjoyed it’s in an amusement park or a baseball stadium in the middle of summer.

It is not known exactly when or how National Hot Dog Day was established in the United States. What is known is that it was established after the National Council of Hot Dogs and Sausages, an association that promotes the industry of these foods, name July as National Hot Dog Month.

Therefore, this National Hot Dog Day several stores offer discounts on this dish. An example of this is the 7-Eleven stores selling their popular hot dogs for $ 1 or Nathan’s Famous selling hot dogs for 5 cents from 11am to 2pm.

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