Leticia Calderón celebrates her son Luciano for his graduation – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

Leticia Calderón shared with her fans one of the most emotional moments with her son Luciano.

Via Instagram, Leticia Calderón celebrated Luciano for “one more achievement in his life”: his school graduation.

With a tender video where the actress is seen moved to tears, Leticia Calderón dedicated a few words to her son to congratulate him.

Luciano, for his part, expressed his love and gratitude by saying “I love you, Mom” ​​and filling her with hugs.

“Luciano is done, I’m very proud of him,” shared Leticia Calderón

More than once, Leticia Calderón has proudly shared the achievements of Carlo and Luciano, her two children.

On this occasion, the famous made her followers on Instagram participate in the graduation of her 17-year-old son Luciano.

Through a short video posted on her Instagram account, Leticia Calderón boasted of her son’s new achievement.

“I am so proud of my children. Despite adversity, they continue to fight to be better every day, “wrote the actress to accompany the recording.

Moved to tears, Leticia Calderón dedicated a few words to her son Luciano to congratulate him.

“Here we are, very excited. Luciano is finished, I am very proud of him. (…) Congratulations, my love. This is one more achievement in your life ”.

Luciano, for his part, showed his love, appreciation and excitement after graduating from school.

“I love you, mom,” the young man is heard saying before hugging his mother, Leticia Calderón.

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