Less than a week after its launch: PS5 receives a new mandatory update

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The Playstation 5 It takes less than a week to launch and the console has already received a firmware update, which will be completely mandatory to fix bugs and offer more stability to the system.

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The update 20.02-02.25.00It does not come with more information about what kind of news it brings and what things change, but we know that this version will weigh only 886 MB and it will be aimed at improving system performance according to Sony.

It is quite likely that this update tries to fix problems such as downloading in games, problems with external storage units and errors in the console’s sleep mode, all these problems are presented by different PS5 users around the world.

It is normal for completely new hardware to present problems in its first weeks of use, since the user base that uses it is much larger than that used in the system tests that are carried out before launching the console. So it is likely that we will see more updates like these coming in the future. In the face of any update and news regarding the PlayStation 5 we will be informing you here at

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord