Lesia Tsurenko gets the place for the next phase after winning in the qualifying round


On 06/25/2021 at 01:15 CEST

Lesia Tsurenko, Ukrainian, number 164 of the WTA, fulfilled the predictions when winning in the previous round of qualification of Wimbledon in two hours and twenty-nine minutes by 5-7, 6-2 and 6-2 to the chinese player Yafan Wang, number 123 of the WTA. With this result, the winner manages to add new points to her ranking to gain access to the Wimbledon Championship.

The data collected about the match show that the Ukrainian tennis player managed to break the serve 8 times to her rival, obtained 73% of the first service, committed 3 double faults, managing to win 56% of the service points. As for the Chinese tennis player, she managed to break her opponent’s serve 5 times, her effectiveness was 60%, she made 4 double faults and achieved 49% of the service points.

In the tournament London (Wimbledon Singles Fem.) there is previously a qualification phase in which the tennis players with the lowest rankings face to obtain the maximum possible score to enter the official tournament with the rest of the contestants. Specifically, 128 tennis players face each other in this phase of the competition. In addition, it takes place between June 21 and July 11 on outdoor grass.

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