Curious: Proof that elves exist? (VIDEO) A video has gone viral because of the content it reveals, is it a leprechaun in broad daylight? As a result of these images, a whole debate was generated. Judge for yourself!

There is a video going around the networks that assures that it is the proof that the elves exist. And, in its content, one of these “fantasy” beings would be recorded in broad daylight

In the low-resolution video, a woman can be seen working out in a park during the day. She sits down and starts taking photos while someone films her.

And it is precisely this person who films it, who is impressed with what he can capture.

It is so amazing that it passes the filming repeatedly, more slowly, so that it can be appreciated!

And still, it is an instant.

But it is there.

Something small, runs like running behind the woman. It looks like a humanoid figure with a red jacket and gray pants.

You can even see how the local bushes move slightly when the supposed goblin runs at full speed.

As always, the comments were immediate in quantity and difference of opinion.

“They do exist, I have several little nieces who saw one, I believe them because the terrified face and the screams they hit did not think it was in vain.”

“It’s a chicken in a red sweater”

“Wow what an impression”

“I do believe”

“What a leprechaun, he was a robber”

“It seems false to me …”

“When will we see one of these” tests “in HD?”

Of course, since the image is of low quality, you have to try very hard, but if you have patience, you will see it.

Leprechaun caught on video in broad daylight (VIDEO)

Now that you’ve seen it, what do you think? Could it be that this is a leprechaun or do you think it is not? And, in any case, even if it is not, do you think it is possible that they do exist?

Thanks for reading our Curiosities of the day note, we are waiting for you tomorrow with another incredible story!

* The topics that we present in Curiosities, many times do not have a sustainable base and have spread as matters of faith. Mundo Hispánico does not guarantee that the fact has been proven or real.

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