Leonardo DiCaprio changes half the script of the new Martin Scorsese film – The News of Chihuahua – Between the lines

“Killers of the Flower Moon” is Martin Scorsese’s next project, a film that will feature Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was scheduled to begin filming in March this year, something that has not been possible due to the coronavirus. That is why screenwriter Eric Roth has taken the opportunity to rewrite the script at the request of DiCaprio.

“Leonardo wanted me to change some of the things we talked about. He won half the discussions, I won the other half. So changes are going to happen, “Roth confirmed on the Script Notes podcast.

Roth also revealed that the film will likely begin shooting in March 2021.

“I spent four or five years with this book, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ which everyone should read. It is a wonderful book. I think my script fits the book. It is the story of the Osage Indians, in 1921, the poorest people in America who discover oil in this terrible land of Oklahoma to which they have been taken. Then all the murderers in the United States are going to kill 184 of them for their money, but a really heroic guy comes to help, “he said.

The scriptwriter has confirmed what has been said since last May. The Hollywood Reporter already announced that the actor and the director wanted to modify the story.

“The director and his star decided to revise the script. DiCaprio originally played the good guy who worked for the FBI. In the revised version, DiCaprio would give life to the nephew of the villain, played by Robert De Niro, torn between love and the evil machinations of his uncle, “said the publication.

Roth has not elaborated on the changes to the script, but did hint that it has changed at least 50 percent from the original version. Although its premiere was scheduled for 2021, the filming delay has left its release date on the air.