Bubble training has been a huge topic of discussion within NBA circles. Logistics has been complicated for several teams and the number of players that have been confirmed with positive coronavirus tests have been the reason why the detractors of this unprecedented format.

07/12/2020 at 10:00


Juan Arango

One who has not seen life difficult is Miami Heat player Myers Leonard. For him, life in the bubble has been a change but it has not been complicated.

The player who came from the Portland Trail Blazers He mentioned in a media conference call how he viewed things from inside the complex and how he discussed it with his coach, Erik Spoelstra.

For Meyers, he sees this as ideal for a team with the collective mindset his team has. In the process, he gave a bit of a different perspective that caused a mindset shift that has been a very controversial move.

« I said,‘ Look, let me explain something to you. First, they are paying me millions of dollars to play basketball. Let’s start there. This is something that I love. Second, my brother did two war tours in Afghanistan and they paid him much less. We’re going to be in a bubble for three, four months, at most, & rdquor; said.

He knows that he will be apart from his family and the world. This kind of tight concentration

“I understand, life is not always easy. But what do we have to complain about? & Rdquor; he admitted.

His prospects are not going to suddenly go well outside the United States, but the purpose in which he says it is something that wants to take a little victimhood out of the players.

“I think of those who are in those who are in the Navy Seals (special forces). They are eliminating the worst people in the world for much less money they risk their lives every day. It won’t be easy in the bubble, I know that. I do work with a sports psychologist. We have had this talk about what is happening in the last months, about how this is going to be, about how I am going to focus every morning, but I also want to win, & rdquor; ended.

With the NBA season suspended, Miami Heat was in fourth place in the east with 41 wins. For Miami, this may be the type of tournament that favors them since they have been one of the best teams at home. This can make them one of the candidates for the conference title that now has Milwaukee and Toronto as a big favorite.