Current Fourth place in the middleweight division and with eight consecutive victories In the most famous octagon in the world, Leon Edwards will be watching the development of the main fight of UFC 251, which takes place this Saturday, July 11 on the ‘Island of Struggle’ in Abu Dhabi.

With an eye on a title shot, the English fighter made clear, in an interview with the website ‘MMA Junkie’, his desire to face the winner of the duel between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, valid for the 170-pound title.

“I am happy that the division has moved. For a while, she was stuck and nothing happened, so it’s good to see them fight. I have a history with both of them and I would love to fight the winner ”

Far from the octagons since July 2019, Edwards has been prevented from returning in recent months due to new coronavirus pandemic. The global health crisis also hampered the plans of Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns, the main English competitor in the title race.

Edwards he’s still in a good position to be the next challenger, but admitted the possibility of facing the black belt of jiu-jitsu to guarantee the opportunity.

“We both missed opportunities due to the coronavirus. In my case, I couldn’t travel due to the coronavirus, and that’s the only reason Burns fought Tyron Woodley. Same thing with the title shot: I couldn’t travel for the coronavirus and they offered me the title fight, so we both missed opportunities for the same thing. I don’t see why they would despise me when I have more victories in the division compared to the champion ”

In MMA since 2011, Leon Edwards has 18 wins and only three losses in your professional record. In the UFC, English has not lost since December 2015, when he was overtaken by reigning welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Since then, ‘Rocky’, as he is known, he has a series of eight wins and no backhand.