Leo Messi’s frustration | FC Barcelona

What happened in the last minutes of the extension of the final of the Spain Supercup exemplifies the situation you live Leo Messi. The Argentine forward suffered the first expulsion of his career at Barcelona after attacking Villalibre.

The goal of Iñaki Williams In overtime he put forward Athletic in the final and made Messi all the ghosts appeared to him because of what he had experienced in recent months with the Barça shirt. Another title that escaped, this time after having taken his physique to the limit after forcing himself to reach a game that was going to overtime. Leo couldn’t take it anymore and frustration seized him the moment he hit Villalibre without the ball in play.

Once again Messi He saw himself as a loser, feeling that everything around him does not help him to be a champion. Nor the solutions on the bench commanded by Koeman, nor the mistakes behind inexperienced defenders, nor an entity that remains headless without a president to make decisions. And he could not contain himself. Heartbeats at 200 and an improper error for a player like Leo who is now exposed to a stiff penalty. Up to 12 games could fall to the Argentine, although everything indicates that they will stay in four. Everything is in the hands of the Competition Committee and their interpretation of the minutes and the action.

This is the first time that Messi is expelled with Barcelona, ​​after 753 games, although he had already seen the red one on one occasion when he played with the Barça subsidiary in 2005 in a Second Division B match.

In his career in the elite, Messi He had only been sent off twice with the Argentine national team in his debut with the Albiceleste and in the semifinal of the last Copa América against Chile after an argument with Gary Medel in 2019.