Gil Manzano and the VAR forgave the direct red card to Leo Messi after the Argentine I stepped on Yeray’s ankle in the fight for a divided ball during Barcelona – Athletic when the result was still 0-0.

It was 69 minutes when Messi and Yeray fought a divided ball which ended with the Athletic defender reaching the leather first. In the inertia of the play, Leo Messi, who stretched his foot, ended up stepping on the center’s ankle of the visiting team, having been able to seriously injure him.

Yeray stayed on the ground hurting and the referee signaled a foul, but He didn’t even show the yellow card. In this situation, the VAR also did not call Gil Manzano to come and review the play, since it enters the reviewable bag because it is a reckless action that could have injured an opponent.

Therefore, the VAR and Gil Manzano pardoned the direct red to a Leo Messi that a minute later he would give the last touch before Rakitic beat Unai Simón and overtook Barcelona on the scoreboard. This controversy comes, to make matters worse, after the controversial statements by Gerard Piqué and a few days after the push that the Argentine himself gave Diego Carlos against Sevilla.