Lionel Messi continues to break scoring records in his professional career. About to turn 33 years old, the Argentine star, with his goal against Atlético, reaches the honorable figure of 700 goals as a professional, between his matches with the Barcelona and the Argentina team. Leo is considered by many to be the best player in the world, and also in a fierce fight with Cristiano Ronaldo, he is determined to challenge the best scorer.

The figure of 700 goals for Messi comes in just 852 games played, with a ratio of 0.80 goals per game. Against Celta, in one of the most important matches for Barça after the return, Leo reappeared to the rescue of his team in a facet in which he has not stopped adding since his debut, still as a teenager.

With this goal, in addition, Messi is confirmed as the great aspiring pichichi of the Santander League, one more year, by accumulate 22 goals this season. His most immediate pursuer, Karim Benzema, has 16 and is the only one who could cough up Leo’s scoring lead at the end of the League. The ’10’ has punctually attended his appointment with the goal since the return of the competition, and it is that he managed dipping against Mallorca, Leganés and now, after three dry matches, against Atlético de Madrid.

Goal 700 with controversy

Leo Messi reached his 700th goal with controversy. The Argentine star reached this figure after scoring a panenka penalty against Atlético de Madrid. This maximum penalty was more than doubtful since Felipe barely touched Semedo within the area of ​​the rojiblanco team. The ’10’ took advantage of this ‘gift’ from Hernández Hernández to overtake Barcelona on the scoreboard.