Leo Horoscope for August 2021

Add these dates to your GCal: Sunday, August 8: New Moon in LeoSunday, August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius Sunday, August 22: Sun enters Virgo

It’s your birthday season and you’re shining bright! No, I mean, really! You’re actually glowing! No thanks to some sticky astrology at the end of July, Leo season has been off to a rocky start, but as the Sun heats up, you’re beginning to lean into your lion sensibilities. Big hair, bold lipstick, and lots of selfies — at least, I should hope so! You’ll find your light on August 8, when the Sun and Moon link up in your own damn zodiac sign.

But by mid-month, you’ll be less concerned about the past and more interested in the future. With both the Sun (the center of the solar system who just happens to be your celestial ruler because, well, duh) and Moon aligned, the night sky will be completely dark, which means you’ll be radiating at full wattage! Hello gorgeous! New Moons are all about fresh starts, so this fabulous lunation will be sure to launch some exciting opportunities. But as a fire sign, don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs. Be the change the want to see — light the match and make it happen! Let’s get the party started!

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The Moon continues to orbit as Leo season continues, syncing with the Sun once again on August 22 for a Full Moon in Aquarius. Um… didn’t this already happen? Correct, Leo babe! This year, your birthday season started with a Full Moon in Aquarius (on July 23) and your bday season is also concluding with one, making the second installment a Blue Moon! What does that mean? Simply put, this lunation is extra dramatic… just like you! Here’s the deal, Leo love: This Blue Moon invites you to write your dream ending to whatever narrative began last month, so consider what that means for you. Will this story conclude with a heartfelt conversation? A powerful breakthrough? Or maybe you’ll take after the iconic Meghan Markle and fall in love with literal royalty? There’s no shame in your game, so lean into truth. After all, you’re not just the main character — you’re also the writer, director, cinematographer, producer, makeup artist… you get the idea. It’s all about you, Leo babe!

You may be so caught up in your cinematic debut that you forget that Leo season wraps that very same day. Just a few hours after this powerful Blue Moon, the Sun drifts into Virgo, which means curtains down on your birthday festivities. But, ahem, you’re just getting started — and, honestly, there’s no need to quit while you’re ahead. Solar motion into Virgo activates the area of ​​your chart associated with your financial sector, and now it’s time to get that money, honey!

As you gear up for autumn, finances are front-and-center, so over the next few weeks, consider creating a budget to help track the waxing and waning motion of your bank account. Don’t forget, Leo love, money is always in flow, so this isn’t just about getting “more,” it’s about finding your rhythm. Whether you’re looking to pay down credit debt, save up for a down payment on a mansion — err, I mean house — or simply cultivate a healthier relationship with your resources, let Virgo season lead the way. Word to wise: take a page out of Virgo’s book — when it comes to money management, organization is key!

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