L’Entregu wins 1-3 in the fiefdom of Ud Llanera

04/04/2021 at 11:35 PM CEST

The L’Entregu got off to a good start in the Second Phase of the Third Division, thanks to a home win for the Llanera by 1-3 in the match played on Sunday in the Pepe Quimarán Field. With this result, the Sanmartiniego team is first with 43 points at the end of the duel and the You Llanera fourth with 38 points in the locker after the game.

The game started in an unbeatable way for the Sanmartiniego team, who premiered the luminous with a goal from Traore just a few minutes after the opening whistle, at minute 3. Subsequently, a new occasion increased the score of the visitors by means of a goal of Nuño at 35 minutes that it established the 0-2 in favor of L’Entregu. But later the You Llanera approached the scoreboard thanks to a bit of Mundaka on the verge of the end, at 45, thus ending the first part with the result of 1-2.

The second half started in a positive way for the visiting team, who put more land in between through a new goal from Nuño, thus achieving a double in minute 52. Finally, the confrontation ended with a 1-3 on the scoreboard.

With this result, the Llanera remains with 38 points and the L’Entregu it rises to 43 points.

During the next round, the second of the Second Phase of Third Division, the You Llanera will play his match against him Llanes at home. For his part, L’Entregu will play at home his match against him Real Aviles.

Data sheetYou Llanera:García, Marcos, Viti, Pablo Pantiga, Félix Quero, Dani González, Martín, Omar, Mundaka, Javi Sánchez and MatíasL´Entregu:Alberto, Yosu Camporro, Nuño, Santi, Álex García, Traore, Imanol, Pascual, Cissé, Javi Gutiérrez and Noé F.Stadium:Pepe Quimarán FieldGoals:Traore (0-1, min. 3), Nuño (0-2, min. 35), Mundaka (1-2, min. 45) and Nuño (1-3, min. 52)