Lenovo Tenerife takes the victory against Coosur Real Betis by 82-93

04/03/2021 at 10:50 PM CEST

The Lenovo Tenerife beat the Coosur Real Betis away by 82-93 in the twenty-ninth day of the ACB League. Previously, the Coosur Real Betis players won at home against him Joventut 78-88, while Lenovo Tenerife’s team also defeated at home Valencia Basket 90-86, so after the game they added a total of four wins in a row. With this result, the Lenovo Tenerife is in third place and accumulates 21 victories in 26 games played, while the Coosur Real Betis it remains in seventeenth position with seven victories in 27 games played.

During the first quarter the Lenovo Tenerife was the main leader in the arena, reached a difference of nine points (13-22) and finished with a 17-22. After this, in the second quarter the Lenovo Tenerife he managed to distance himself in the electronic, in fact, the team achieved a partial 17-2 and went on to win by 21 points (21-42) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 13-29. After this, the rivals came to rest with a 30-51 in the light.

During the third quarter, the visiting team’s players widened their difference again, scoring the maximum difference (24 points) at the end of the quarter and ended with a partial result of 20-23 (50-74). Finally, during the last quarter, the local team closed the gap, although it was insufficient to win the match and the quarter ended with a partial result of 32-19. After all this, the duel concluded with a result of 82-93 for the visitors.

Much of the victory of the Lenovo Tenerife was cemented from 20 points and five rebounds from Sasu salin and the nine points, 13 assists and a rebound of Marcelo Huertas placeholder image. The 13 points, an assist and four rebounds of Tj campbell and the 12 points, an assist and three rebounds of Tobias Borg they were not enough for the Coosur Real Betis could win the game.

After achieving victory, the next clash of the Lenovo Tenerife it will be against him Movistar Students in it Insular Pavilion Santiago Martin. For its part, the next game of Coosur Real Betis it will be against him Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket in it Illumbe Bullring.