Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, analysis

One of Lenovo’s product lines, in addition to its popular laptops and desktops among many other things, is that of smart devices and more specifically compatible mainly with the Google Home ecosystem. In this family a year ago Lenovo introduced an alarm clock that worked as a Google Home speaker.

On this occasion we have been able to test the new simplified version of this device which they have rightly called Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. It’s quite a statement of intent with the aim of not focusing on accessory aspects and providing a smart alarm clock that does… whatever it needs to do. In this analysis we will see if it succeeds.

In this line of simplification, the display of this smart desktop clock is not an LCD to use but simply an LED screen that shows the time and day of the week, the temperature and that has a series of lights on the top that indicate if he is “listening.” The design is very similar to the original Smart Clock but without the screen and with a slightly more compact size. Almost the entire device is covered with a material similar to fabric, except for the screen and the back.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Model analyzed
Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

40mm 3W driver


Touch for volume, play and alarm

Smart speaker system
Google Home

LCD (numeric only)

WiFi, USB (charge only)

64 x 121 x 83 mm

240 grams


59.99 euros

At the top of the device we find buttons to raise and lower the sound, the play button and another that allows you to configure the alarm without having to talk to Google to do so (which will be the most natural and practical way). On the back is the power connector, the usual switch to make Google “stop listening” and a USB connector that allows you to charge the device (do not connect them to the speaker). In the back we also find the night light that unless we do not want it will remain on.

To turn off the light we can do it by voice command, as well as adjust the brightness, or by using the volume down button and keeping it pressed until it turns off. We can also control the intensity of the illumination of the LED screen, but in this case we can only do it through voice instructions from Google.

The light is very useful at night and thanks to the tone that it has not too annoying at bedtime. Having it on we will not need to turn on the light in case we get up at night, so we can avoid disturbing other occupants of the room. Also, as the intensity is adjustable, we can lower it if we consider that it does bother us.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Configuration is simple by following the instructions in the short manual. Once connected to our WiFi network and connected to the Google Home application on our mobile phone, we are ready to go. Alarm configuration is also simple, both by voice and with the device buttons. It is possible to configure daily alarms, for days of the week or for weekends. Once activated we can stop the alarm with the voice.

Otherwise, this Lenovo watch is used like any other smart speaker. It only has a 1.5-inch speaker (approximately the same size as the one that Google’s Nest Mini equips) that produces about three watts of power. It has two microphones to receive instructions, while the Nest mini has three.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, Review 30

Put to the test as a loudspeaker, this Smart Clock is surprisingly good at playing music, even when tested at low frequencies where small speakers often encounter problems. The performance in this regard is similar to the aforementioned Nest Mini and a good quality compact portable speaker.

Of course, you have the same possibilities as any smart speaker compatible with Google Home with the possibility of requesting information of all kinds and controlling other compatible devices, all with your voice. The sensitivity of the microphone is not too high, lower for example than Google’s Nest Mini, so we will have to be at a reasonable distance (in the room itself) for it to recognize us.

Conclusions Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

Perhaps the word that best defines Smart Clock Essential is simplicity. It is designed to replace the classic alarm clock by adding the functions of a smart speaker. Unlike the previous Smart Clock, the screen only shows the time and little else and perhaps this is the only handicap of this device, especially if one takes into consideration that the price difference is not too high and the functions, sound quality and others are practically the same.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is available from the Lenovo Online Store and on Amazon.

Final Assessment SUMMARY

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential does what it promises. It works like a smart alarm clock and Lenovo has dispensed with any superfluous functions. Unfortunately also the screen but whoever wants an intelligent but simple alarm clock is ideal.

Design and build quality7.5