Leicester does not give up and forces City not to slow down in the Premier

Two of the Big Six whips, Aston
town Y Leicester, met in the city of Birmingham to confirm that they have nothing to envy the ‘greats’ of England. We must not forget – paragraph to review the record – that one, the town, has seven Suspenders and one Champions and the other, the Leicester, he won the Premier in 2016. Almost nothing.

With that good poster, the ‘foxes’ team took little time to show why they occupy the top positions in the table. Maddison in the 19 ‘with a very well adjusted shot (0-1) and Barnes picking up a rebound (0-2) in minute 23, they soon paved the way. From then on everything was easier for him Leicester who was satisfied with the result and accepted it until the break.

But if there is something that cannot be done in English football is to trust oneself. And the Leicester He paid dearly for the low pace with which he jumped onto the grass in the second half. Nothing else to return from changing rooms, in 48 ‘, Traoré He cut distances (1-2) by sending to save a center from the left and put spice to the game.

Since then, he has not stopped trying Aston Villa but the truth is that he did it with more heart than head. He missed his most talented boot, that of Grealish, which was not due to injury and the Leicester He showed that no one can beat suffering. Vardy and company knew how to manage the scoreboard and timer perfectly, even having opportunities to increase their income in the final minutes. They did not do it and the 1-2 served to confirm themselves in the second place and force the City not to trust despite his great moment if he wants to take this Premier to his showcase.