LEGO announced plans to invest up to $ 400 million over three years to accelerate sustainability and social responsibility initiatives

| 09/16/2020 | ionicons-v5-c20: 02 | Web Writing |

The Danish toy maker said in a statement that the new bags will start to appear in boxes of LEGO beginning in 2021, as part of a $ 400 million investment in sustainability for the next three years.

The bags have been in development for the past two years. « We got a lot of letters from kids asking why we still use single-use plastic in our boxes, which inspired us to start making this change, » he said. Tim brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility LEGO.

« This is part of our ambition to make all of our packaging sustainable by the end of 2025, » he added.

The group LEGO, which benefited from an increase in sales during closed shutdowns as more people of all ages bought games, uses around 5,000 metric tons of plastic a year to package its products, accounting for 10% of its packaging total. A much bigger problem is the parts of LEGO, which require 90,000 metric tons of plastic per year to manufacture.

They have been working for years to develop alternatives to petroleum-based plastic that can be used in their blocks. Some progress has been made, but the vast majority of individual parts are still made from plastic.

The bricks LEGO sustainably produced should be just as safe, durable and technically sound as the plastic variety, with identical color fastness and compatibility with bricks older, Brooks told CNN Business.

The pieces need to be strong enough to click into each other and hold elaborate structures in place, like this £ 350 ($ 450) Hogwarts castle, even if it’s easy enough for a child to pull apart, he added. Finding environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic, which is one of the main pollutants of oceans and water sources, is vital to addressing the global climate emergency because it will help address greenhouse gas emissions from producing goods that we use every day, like cars, clothes and food.

A study in the journal Science published in July found that even if the world reduced plastic pollution by 80% by 2040, there would still be around 710 million metric tons of plastic waste polluting the environment.

For his part, the CEO of LEGO, Niels B. Christiansen said:

« We cannot lose sight of the fundamental challenges facing future generations. It is critical that we take urgent action now to care for the planet and future generations. As a company that views children as role models, we are inspired by the millions of children who they have called for more urgent action on climate change. « 

« We believe that they must have access to opportunities to develop the skills necessary to create a sustainable future. We will intensify our efforts to use our resources, networks, expertise and platforms to make a positive difference. »

Moving away from existing packaging is not an easy task and will take time as the new material needs to be durable, lightweight, and enhance the building experience.