LEGO Mario announces a new set of figures and characters that will arrive in January 2021

Ten new characters and three expansion sets are included.

A few months since LEGO and Mario they joined their paths, in a collaboration between the mythical toy company and the plumber. A relationship that has only just begun, as a new LEGO Super Mario collection has been announced that will be available from January 2021 and will include new sets and characters, ideal for collectors.

The new set of figures and characters will go on sale in JanuaryIn total, there will be three expansion sets, with two new booster packs and 10 new character packs, among which are Lotira, Cheep Cheep Pinchón, Ninji, Nebulo, Goomba Parachutist, Helicoguy, Poisonous Mushroom, Parabuzzy, a Peaked Stone and a Goombuesitos. In this way, there will be many possibilities for those who want to increase their LEGO Super Mario collection.

The expansion sets are: Battle in the jungle against the Chomp Chains, Puzzling Challenge of the Piranha Plants and Poisonous Swamp of the Floruga. There will be several packs in this new batch of toys. The most complete includes the creation set with a total of 366 pieces at a price of 59.99 euros. They can be purchased both in LEGO stores and in participating establishments or on the LEGO website.

If you are curious about these toys based on the popular Nintendo characterHere you can see a complete and detailed video of this collection.

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