LEGO Builder’s Journey is coming June 21 to PC and Switch

In all the time I’ve been a subscriber to Apple Arcade, certainly LEGO Builder’s Journey It is one of the games that I liked the most. And it is that unlike what usually are the titles based on LEGO, which are usually adventures with a great (and great, for my taste) touch of humor, the approach of this title, which came to Apple Arcade in 2019, fits more in another model of games, in the style of the colossal Monument Valley.

Since then, only iOS users have been able to enjoy LEGO Builder’s Journey, as it had not jumped to other platforms and, worse, there were no signs that it was going to do so. However, today we know from Engadget that that exclusivity is about to end, since LEGO and the developer studio, Light Brick Studio, They have prepared a version of it that will arrive on June 22 to PC and Nintendo Switch.

This jump is, without a doubt, quite a surprise, because until now absolutely nothing had been leaked and, of course, the study had not revealed it either. And it is even more striking if we consider that, so far, LEGO Builder’s Journey has been one of the Apple Arcade exclusives. Of course, this also explains, perfectly, the reason why Android is not among the platforms chosen for this expansion. And it is that it costs little to imagine that this has been one of the conditions raised by Apple to give the green light.


If you do not know it, we are talking about a puzzle type game, in which you will have to move through scenarios made up of LEGO pieces and, as you may have already imagined, you will have to interact with them to be able to advance through them. All in a context in which creativity plays a key role, and therefore allows to take advantage of the taste of many for the models, maps and scenarios created with these pieces. In LEGO Builder’s Journey, exploring the map components is combined with the challenge of being able to navigate the maps.

Additionally, users of NVIDIA GeForce 20 and 30 series cards will be able to take advantage of it especially, since LEGO Builder’s Journey features ray tracing support with ambient occlusion. In the video you can not only get a better idea of ​​the type of maps that you will find in the game, but also check the lighting and shadow effects that this title achieves thanks to ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS technology.

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