LEGO always knows how to fall in love with the different sets that it always presents to us, evoking nostalgia and the child we carry inside. In recent weeks they have presented us with some surprises that undoubtedly make us think what we are going to sell in order to have their toys, but of all those that have been announced, the most interesting and spectacular is the one that involves Super Mario.

In mid-March we told them that the Danish toymaker had teamed up with Nintendo to present us with a set never seen before, because in addition to presenting the mascot of the Japanese video game giant in this universe, It would be an experience for fans, since you can use it as if it were one more game of this franchise through an application, very much like Super Mario Maker.

Photo: Nintendo

Taking advantage of all the technology we have in these times, The figure of the beloved Mario will be able to interact with those of characters like Bowser and Yoshi, facing enemies and passing levels, as if you did it with a console. If this was already exciting, what LEGO and Nintendo brings us this day will make them jump with excitement, They announced the launch of eight different expansion sets for you to build your adventures yourself.

In them we see the Nintendo mascot in iconic settings of the different games, such as Roco’s deadly lava, Bowser’s castle, Mario and Yoshi’s house, and this great guy with different costumes like feline, builder and even fire, there is everything so that you really feel that you yourself are creating a game of the saga.

Photo: LEGO

In order to use these wonders, LEGO has made it very clear that you need to buy the basic kit of Super Mario, and from there you can acquire the others and make Mario fulfill different objectives. As if this were not enough, It will also have a special surprise package where you can touch some of the secondary characters that appear in the other games, for themselves, expand the universe.

Photo: LEGO

If you want to have all the sets of Super Mario to play and get into the world of everyone’s favorite plumber, We tell you that they will arrive at the LEGO virtual store on August 1 and the initial kit it will cost 1,199 Mexican pesos. But while that day comes, check out here how each of the sets inspired by the most successful Nintendo franchise look.

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