‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Matt Ryan will return to the series in season 7 but not as Constantine

According to CBR, Matt Ryan has been confirmed as part of the cast of the seventh season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, although not in the same role for which we all know him and the one we had seen him play on television previously. The actor will not be John Constantine in this new batch of episodes.

Ryan will play the role of Doctor Gwyn Davies, who is presented as a somewhat eccentric scientist who comes from the early twentieth century. The actor recently spoke about what it has meant for him to stop playing the character with whom he has become known in recent years: “As everyone who loves him knows, in the end John Constantine will continue his path alone. moment when John’s path and that of the ‘legends’ part and also for my own path to separate from theirs. ” Ryan continues: “I’m very excited to be preparing this new character for the series and I have a great time with him – finding out how this new character fits in and how he causes trouble for the team.”

Recall that Matt Ryan began to embody the role of John Constantine in the short-lived series of the same name for NBC, after which he began to do several stellar appearances in some of the different series of the DC Universe for The CW, repeating this same role. In ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ we saw him for the first time in the third season, staying already in the later installments. Now we know that it won’t take long for her character to come to an end.

The future of Constantine

With all this, it seems that it is going to be quite difficult for the character of John Constantine to appear again in some of the mentioned series of the DC universe. However, this does not mean that we do not see a new adaptation of the character soon away from The CW, since in February of this year the news was announced that HBO Max was preparing a new series based on said character, also produced by JJ Abrams.

According to the few details that are known about this future series, it promises to be a much darker approach to the history of this well-known character and will not have the presence of Matt Ryan. This will also not be the only DC project that Abrams is working on at the moment, since his involvement in an adaptation of ‘The League of Dark Justice’ was confirmed some time ago, also for HBO Max, although without revealing more details about it.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ has not yet finished the broadcast of its sixth season, which returns on August 8. To see how Ryan fights back in his new character we will have to wait until October 13, the day the series’ seventh season opens.

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