Legendary Blizzard classics to return in a collection for PC and consoles

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To kick off BlizzConline, Blizzard took a look back at its past by announcing the re-release of some of its greatest classics. This as part of the Blizzard Arcade Collection, a true tribute to the past of the franchise.

Blizzard Arcade Collection will be a bundle that will include ports of The Lost Vikings; Rock n ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne. Thanks to this you will be able to take a trip back in time to remember classic releases that many fell in love with.

It is worth mentioning that Blizzard also took the opportunity to include some improvements in quality of life. It is thanks to this that the games in the Blizzard Arcade Collection will have the option to rewind the action and the option to save games (not available in Rock n ‘Roll Racing).

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Do you want more? Then you should know that the Blizzard Arcade Collection will also have a museum function with concept art and more details of the development of these classic games that can be consumed in interviews or glimpses of deleted material.

Blizzard Arcade Collection is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch today. The package will be offered in exchange for $ 19.99 USD. We remind you that the original versions of The Lost Vikings; Rock n ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne have been free to download on Battle-net since 2014.

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