“Legal abortion now!”, Women cry out in front of the Argentine Congress

Buenos Aires, Nov 19, 2020 (.) – Under the slogan “Legal Abortion Now”, hundreds of women gathered this Wednesday in front of the Argentine Congress, the day after President Alberto Fernández sent a project for the legal interruption of pregnancy to Congress “We welcome that presentation (by the government), finally, but we demand that the conditions be met for an immediate exhaustive but expeditious treatment, without paying the hate and disinformation messages because we already won the debate in 2018,” he told the . Martina Ferretto, a member of the Campaign for Safe and Free Legal Abortion, formed in 2003, in the country with a Catholic majority and where Pope Francis was born, it is the ninth time that a project for the legal interruption of pregnancy (ILE) has been presented in Parliament. But only once, in 2018, did it reach the premises, where it was approved in the Deputies but rejected in the Senate. This is the first time that the project has been sent by the Executive. In Argentina, abortion is only allowed in case of rape or danger to the life of the woman, legislation that has been in force since the 1920s. The march had been called prior to that the president fulfilled on Tuesday his promise to present a project to legalize abortion, delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Fernández said that he seeks to guarantee “that all women have access to the right to comprehensive health.” At the same time, it promotes the creation of a “1,000-day insurance” to strengthen comprehensive care during pregnancy and for children in the first years of life. The official text authorizes the ILE “until week 14 of gestation”. Another key point is that there may be “conscientious objection” from health professionals, but they must “refer the patient to be treated”, both in the public and private systems. The Campaign has its own project presented in 2019 and with a parliamentary status that will now also be addressed in the context of the legislative debate. “We found a lot of similarities (between both bills) and we also have some concerns that have to do with conscientious objection, the penalization of women (if they abort after week 14), but a debate is opened, “said activist María Victoria Matheu. At the moment the initiative seems to have guaranteed votes in Deputies, but it could be rejected again due to a slight difference in the Senate, which has an official majority but traditionally more conservative. However, activists are deluded that the government can turn the opposite positions in its own ranks into a controversial issue that crosses Almost all political forces are horizontal. “We have been campaigning for 15 years. We are again facing a historic moment but we understand that Congress was renewed in the elections (of 2019) and it will be at the height of history to pay off that debt of democracy with women and pregnant people, “he said Yamila Picaso at / ml / mps