Madness or not, Marcelo Bielsa is about to give Leeds fans a joy they have waited 17 years for: a return to the Premier League.

The traditional British club achieved a dying victory against Swansea this weekend by 0-1, thanks to a goal from the Spanish Pablo Hernández, with which he now has 84 points, compared to 81 by West Bromwich Albion and 78 by Brentford, when they are only 3 pending dates.

The first two go straight to the Premier, a possible dream for Bielsa’s, who could benefit from West Bromwich Albion’s 1-1 draw against Blackburn, although they are under pressure from Brentford, who defeated Derby County (1-3) but is a) 6 points behind the leader.

In fact, this historic promotion can happen this Thursday, if Brentford doesn’t defeat Preston on Wednesday and win his home game against Barnsley.

In this way Leeds would end 17 years wandering in the interior divisions of England, which include a fall to the third division (2007) and they would return to the Premier, which they have not been in since the 2003-2004 season.

When asked about this high expectation, Bielsa limited himself to saying: « The only thing I can enjoy is the final objective, if we achieve it. »