Ledger will not compensate users affected by theft of personal data

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said the company will not give any type of compensation to the injured users in the massive theft of personal information, which was published on the Internet.

Gauthier’s reaction was known, after several of those affected made their annoyance public and hinted that they would take legal action against the French company, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

The executive said that, after such a major data breach in a small company, one million users cannot be compensated, as that “would simply kill the company.”

In that sense, he only asked “to look to the future”, since Ledger is investing “money and time in creating the next layer of security and the next products that will provide more security to our users”.

272,853 physical addresses and phone numbers of bitcoin wallet usersas well as 1,075,382 email addresses were posted on the web. The information was stolen by hackers last June, as reported by CriptoNoticias at the time.

The publication of personal data unleashed a wave of threatening emails. Some even warned that they would go to Ledger users’ homes to steal their cryptocurrencies, unless they paid a ransom.

In this regard, the CEO dismissed the threats, considering that there is little probability that they will materialize.

“There is not the greatest possibility of this happening. The database has been available since June and no one has reported any such attack. “

Pascal Gauthier.

In another attempt to minimize what happened, he assured that those who are behind the threats will do everything possible not to use economic resources to personally attack users, because in his opinion phishing attacks only seek to reach the maximum number of people without running risks.

Reactions to the Ledger leak

Former Ericsson executive Anders Larsson wrote in reference to recent regulatory proposals from the US Department of the Treasury, which would call for linking personal identification to self-guarded wallets.

Imagine you could organize the attack on Ledger based on the size of your position. That’s what FinCEN regulation would bring. I’m not sure Steven Mnuchin and his team thought that. They can’t maintain a secure database, but 10,000 startups and IT departments will? So let’s add amounts too? ‘

Anders Larsson

In another message, Larsson expressed that the Ledger hack illustrates what would happen if we attached names and addresses to each blockchain, managed in 1000 places with amounts.

Likewise, the Argentine journalist Emiliano Arnáez said that what happened with the French company was because “they took care of everyone’s cryptocurrencies, but it never occurred to him to protect their databases.”