Ledezma criticized Maduro for promoting a recall referendum

. / Ángel Díaz

Antonio Ledezma, former metropolitan mayor of Caracas, rejected this Monday that Nicolás Maduro wants the Venezuelan opposition to wait until 2022 to start a new recall referendum attempt to get him out of power.

“Maduro wants a recall. Will it be like the one in 2004, spiced with flat signatures or like the frustrated one in 2016? ¿It will be with red dots, assisted voting, armed groups, communicational and financial hegemony, with courts and police on command to arrest, torture and kill? ”, he tweeted.

In the recent case, the defunct Table of Democratic Unity began on April 27, 2016, with a massive participation, the collection of 1% of those registered in the Electoral Registry, the first step to activate the recall referendum of Maduro’s mandate at that time.

2016: obstacle course

The National Electoral Council, chaired by Tibisay Lucena, announced in September of that same year that the recall would take place in 2017 in the event that the opposition succeeded in passing the next stage of requirements, which consists of gathering the support of 20% of those registered in the electoral register.

Chavismo alleged alleged fraudulent events during signature collection. The Supreme Court of Justice, loyal to Chavismo, allegedly received more than 8,000 complaints of alleged irregularities in the process that the opposition tried to promote.

But the opposition, for this step, had to overcome a series of obstacles imposed by the electoral body.

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First, the CNE said that that 20% had to be collected in each of the 23 states and in the Federal District, a condition that does not appear in the Constitution and that was not required for the activation of the recall referendum that was activated in 2004, when the late Hugo Chávez was in power.

Further, a period of 3 days was set for the collection of the signatures and only 5,392 machines were made available, distributed in 1,356 centers located in the country’s 335 municipalities and not the 19,000 that the MUD had requested.

Mature, insistent

To try to calm the discontent of Venezuelans and the opposition, the ruling party has devoted himself in recent months to promote the holding of a recall referendum against him in 2022. He has asked his adversaries, on more than one occasion, to wait until that year to begin collecting signatures.

“In the year 2022, on January 10, the period opens for those who want to call a referendum against President Nicolás Maduro. Have the freedom to go out to collect signatures, and if they collect the signatures, we will go to the referendum to measure ourselves at the polls. And it will be the people who decide, not the coup plotters, it is not Donald Trump, it is not Joe Biden, « he said last June.