The Monegasque maintains that he would not change anything from his first year with Ferrari

He admits that he suffered a lot of pressure at the Italian GP

Charles Leclerc has acknowledged that after completing his first year with the Ferrari team he is a much more patient driver. The Monegasque acknowledges he feels he is calmer behind the wheel and assures that he would not change anything from his first season at Maranello.

Leclerc has experienced the odd moment of impatience in 2019, especially at the beginning of the season, where he made mistakes in the classification of Baku and in the race of Monaco. However, he assures that he has more patience now, and that despite having lived low moments he does not want to change anything from his debut year at Scuderia.

“I have learned to be patient. I think I had a hard time keeping patience in the past. With Ferrari I have learned to have it. You must learn from the best like Seb and from the team. Everything takes time and you have to be less impatient, “said Leclerc in a question and answer from the Ferrari team.

“It feels great to be a Ferrari driver. Even though a year has passed, whenever I wear the red jumpsuit it is a very special moment. I would not change anything. I have made some mistakes but I have learned from them and they have made me the person I am now. ”

Leclerc maintains that he suffered a lot to take his second and, so far, the last victory in Formula 1 at the 2019 Italian GP. The Monegasque had to run with a lot of pressure after making his pit stop, since he had Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas behind him during the second half of the race.

Of course, he finally managed to hold the two Mercedes drivers and returned to give Ferrari the victory at home, the first of the reds since 2010. The last to do so was Fernando Alonso, also in his debut season with the Italians.

“Last year at Monza it was very tense. Valtteri and Lewis were behind me. There was a lot of pressure because we had to win with Ferrari and we had the whole country behind us. In the end we made it, but there was a lot of pressure“Leclerc has expressed to finish.

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