Leclerc does 110 laps on Ferrari’s first day of testing with the 18-inch Pirellis

Pirelli Y Ferrari have successfully completed the plan for the first of the three planned days of trials with the 18 inch tires that will debut on the Formula 1 grid in 2022. Charles Leclerc has been in charge of shooting, at the wheel of a Ferrari SF90 like the one he drove in his first season in the Scuderia, 2019.

The Monegasque, as reported by the tire supplier, has completed a total of 110 laps of which they have been able to obtain a good amount of useful data, especially because of how they raised the working day. And it is that, unlike other sessions, in this one they decided to mount the intermediate tires to get feedback from the pilot on a wet track. Since it did not rain on the Jerez de la Frontera circuit on this day, it was artificially watered.

Little or nothing else is known about these tests, since the times in which it has rolled have not even been disclosed. In fact, not even photos of the complete car have been published, beyond this small detail shared by the own Pirelli Motorsport.

These test days are key for Ferrari and, above all, for Pirelli, since they need to obtain all the possible data with these experimental compounds before manufacturing their final versions.

This Tuesday he will get on the SF90 Carlos Sainz, in what will be his second tests at the wheel of a Formula 1 Ferrari. They will not be, however, with 18-inch Pirelli tires, since the Madrid native tested them for the first time in 2019, then with McLaren.

Pirelli has not confirmed if they are going to water the Jerez track again, although it would not be surprising given that this way they will be able to compare the Spanish’s data with those of their partner and, in addition, with what he can tell them regarding those tests he carried out