Leclerc and Norris harshly criticize Bottas’ action in Hungary

Two major and multiple incidents in the first corner caused the Hungarian Grand Prix to be interrupted with a red flag on the third lap due to debris scattered around the track.

In a first accident, Valtteri Bottas took ahead Lando Norris, which he sent directly against Max Verstappen. Bottas’s car hit Sergio perez, and there they left both the Mexican and Norris. Moments later a second incident occurred further back, when Lance Stroll tried to pass Leclerc on the inside at Turn 1 from far behind, hitting the Ferrari driver, which in turn caused a spinning top. Daniel Ricciardo.

Norris was able to pit his car during the red flag, but McLaren deemed the damage too great to keep him in the race. And the pilot was not cut off in his statements.

When asked how difficult it was to judge where to brake (referring to Bottas), he stated: “Of course it is not easy, but we are all in Formula 1 for a reason, because we are good drivers and we know where to brake, where to judge. braking zones etc, especially when wet, especially in the first lap of the race. “

Norris came to the fore, referring to the inexperience of the drivers of the best teams when it comes to fighting in the peloton: “Obviously, some misjudged him completely. That’s the annoying thing, you expect a little more than when you are racing with the better at the front of the grill. “

“But they don’t compete that often either, they tend to go quite alone, and not in the peloton getting into dirty air and things like us. So maybe they lack that experience and they have to learn a little more from that.”

“I’m just upset I guess. It was lap 1, I don’t know why that has to happen, why risk doing that kind of stupid thing. But I can’t do anything. There’s not much to do.”

When asked if Bottas had approached to apologize, Norris confirmed it, but his anger with Mercedes did not cease: “He said he was sorry, but that does not change anything, which is the bad thing.”

“Of course, I should receive a penalty. I received a penalty with Pérez when a bit of air pushed him off the track. Today I was completely taken out of the race, I crashed into Max in a big incident, it is much more dangerous than send a guy to the gravel. And of course, it’s much more dangerous to drive doing that than what I’ve done on other circuits. Yes, he deserves a penalty. “

Finally, Norris added that he expected the stewards to use “common sense” when judging the action, noting that he had previously been penalized for “doing nothing wrong at other circuits.”

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For his part, Red Bull driver Checo Pérez described the incident at Turn 1 as “incredible”, after having made a good start with intermediates on a wet track.

“It’s a shame, I was already in third position,” said Pérez.

“I overtook the McLaren and I thought I was way ahead, and unfortunately Bottas made a big mistake and ruined the race for us.”

“I don’t know what else to say. It’s all over. The engine is damaged. Even the radiator is damaged.”

Only 14 cars remained at the Hungarian Grand Prix after eight laps following the abandonment of Nikita Mazepin, who was beaten by Kimi Raikkonen in the pits as the drivers entered to fit dry tires.

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