He explains that he had to celebrate his first victory of the year in silence

Monegasque wins his first virtual GP after only eight days of practice

Charles Leclerc has won in his debut in the virtual championship of Formula 1. The Monegasque enjoyed a great race, but unfortunately he had to contain his euphoria at the end of it. As he explains, it was for the good of the entire neighborhood.

Leclerc played from his home in Monte Carlo and says that he had to be silent and not celebrate his victory with the euphoria with which he would have done had he been on a circuit.

“I was very quiet so my girlfriend is happy. She is working and the neighbors they don’t make noise at night I think If I had started screaming, like I did last time, they wouldn’t be happy“Leclerc commented in words for the BBC.

However, the emotion of the moment was able to Charles, who had tears in the face of living his first victory of the year:

Charles’s victory must be put in even more value if we consider that the Monegasque he bought the official video game of formula 1 just eight days ago. In the last week he has spent hours, yes, but it is surprising that he has dominated and imposed himself in front of expert players who have spent years in front of the screens.

“It was incredibly hard. It is crazy what I am sweating. Great race. I have bought the game for eight days and I have spent quite a few hours, at least five a day,” added the Monegasque, speaking to the US website Motorsport.com. .

Although Charles did not seem like a ‘rookie’ on the track, he did ‘become evident’ at the end of his live show, because the Monegasque, due to technical problems, was unable to finish streaming.

The next virtual GP will be held in two weeks at the Shanghai circuit and it is to be hoped that Leclerc, with even more practice, will continue to shine. Check back yesterday’s race here:

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