Kevin Durant He has been on The Corp podcast, where he has talked about many interesting topics, but the one that has attracted the most attention to NBA fans has been Lebron James and KD’s image of him. When LeBron came out in the conversation this was said by Durant:

“Since I was in ninth grade and turned on ESPN, LeBron James was the guy that people said was the next Jordan… In my mind, it was like this was the best player, so I have to be as good as this. Or do I have to look him in the eye at some point in my career. That was always on my mind while I was working, while I was playing. Because that’s what they told me. That was the new kid, that was the next Jordan. But that became one more competitor, you know … but having someone around since I took basketball seriously, and we continue to play against each other, is very special to me. « 

Afterwards, they continued with the same theme and KD spoke about what is considered his rivalry with LeBron. Although he made it clear that it is something that only stays on the court because then outside they get along and they always have good words between them as the legend of the sport that they are.

« You can call it a ‘rivalry’, you can call it whatever you want, but having someone in the same position that we protect ourselves when we play is definitely special because he is one of the best players to ever touch the court. »