Los Angeles Lakers star player, Lebron JamesHe said he is one of the few in the NBA to give up wearing a social justice message on the back of his shirt when the season resumes in Orlando, Florida.

07/12/2020 at 08:44



« I will not use a name on the back of my shirt »James said this Saturday.

« It is not disrespectful to the list that was transmitted to all the players. I commend anyone who decides to put something on the back of the shirt. It’s just that I don’t think it’s something in line with my mission, with my objective, « he added.

« I would have loved to have a say by putting something on the back of the shirt, but noor do I need to do this so that people can understand my mission and what it is about « , indicated the star.

Until Wednesday afternoon, 285 of the 350 eligible NBA players had chosen a social justice message to put on their shirts, while 17 chose to continue using their names, said executive director of the National Association of Basketball Players, Michele Roberts.

The list of suggested messages agreed by the NBPA and the NBA, which were made available to players by email, according to the source are: Black Lives Matter, Say your name, Vote, I can’t breathe, Justice, Peace, Equality , Freedom, Enough, and Power for the people.

You can also use Justice Now, Say your name, Yes You Can (Yes, We Can), Liberation, Look at us, Listen to us, Respect us, Love us, Listen, Get up, Ally, Anti-racist, I am a man, Speak loudly, How many more, Economy of group, Educational Reform, and Mentor.