In the midst of the world health crisis of the coronavirus, a Lebron James a new problem appears. As the medium The Blast has advanced, the player of Los Angeles Lakers He has been denounced by a photographer after uploading a photo taken by him without his permission to his official Instagram account.

The photographer in question is Steven mitchell, a Miami resident. The complaint has not only been sent to LeBron, but also to the two companies that belong to number 23 of the Lakers: LRMR Venutres and Uninterrupted Digital Ventures.

The fine the Miami photographer claims amounts to a total of $ 150,000. Normally, the NBA franchises themselves give their players a series of photos that they can upload to their respective social networks. In this case, this was not the case, and the publication is still available on LeBron James’s account.

An NBA photographer is suing LeBron James for using and cropping an
image of himself on social media. @McCannSportsLaw breaks down the case

– Sports Illustrated (@SInow) March 24, 2020

An excerpt from the lawsuit directed at ‘The King’ is the following: “This supposes an infringement of copyright in section 501 of the Copyright Law. Everything comes after the publication of a photograph in the meeting corresponding to this season of the NBA between Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat ”.

All this is expected to be resolved as soon as the quarantine caused by Covid-19 disease, which currently keeps the world practically on hiatus, ends.