Lebron James taunts Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets

The Los Angeles Lakers player, Lebron James made fun of Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn nets after match number 3 of the series Playoffs on the NBA.

It’s the second time in three years Lebron James it’s like us during the Playoffs of the NBA. With the Los Angeles Lakers already sent home, James sits as an observer as a mere fan, reacting to memes that downplay some of the heated moments of the postseason.

Lebron James witnessed the final minutes of Game 3 for the Milwaukee Bucks against Brooklyn nets. The Nets had a chance to win a dagger to the heart of the Bucks with seconds left to play, but instead of Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant You see, it ended up with roleplayer Bruce Brown. Brown had a last minute attempt not once, but twice

Lebron James reaction:

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