Food in the NBA bubble has been one of the hot topics in the networks and the community of league players.


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Players have criticized the nutritional aspect since they got to the Bubble

The players’ food is much better … compared to what their MLS colleagues are being fed.

This conversation arose since the Denver Nuggets player Troy Daniels published his first meal after arriving at the hotel and the image became viral.

One of the funniest responses was from the ex-partner of Lebron James, Isaiah Thomas, who replied: “There is no way that Bron (Lebron) eats this. LOL. & Rdquor;

The Lakers star has been well aware of his health and diet and has invested millions in that aspect of his profession. For this reason he remains among the best players in the NBA now at 35 years old.

He is also known on social media for his famous #TacoTuesday posts on his Instagram account.

The same is true of the WNBA, which had a bad experience in recent days.

Better food than footballers

Now, if you compare what NBA players eat with what MLS players have, it is much more nutritious and was not “comparable to the Fyre Festival & rdquor; as some soccer players had complained in the last week.

Toronto FC defender Omar González posted a photo of the food offered to the players and He received a response from his partner Alex Bono: “Nothing like a $ 65 sandwich for the recovery to begin!

The MLS is Back tournament begins on Wednesday when Orlando City faces Inter Miami.

Meanwhile, the NBA plans his return by the end of this month.