After announcing that he will not wear any message claiming social justice on his shirt, LeBron James put a threatening message on his Instagram which seems to lead you to one thought despite all the ‘move’ of the ‘bubble’: winning the champion ring.

07/12/2020 at 19:08


« It is almost time to get out of the cryo tank and destroy whoever is in front of me again. Be careful! The rematch season continues soon, « he wrote next to a drawing in which he appears connected to a kind of cryonization machine with two cables attached to its head and a respirator.

A few threatening words, accompanied by a comic drawing, with which the star of the Lakers, has released a clear message that he is going for it all in his second year with the Angelenos.

It remains to be seen how a three-month hiatus will affect James.He is in charge of demonstrating every day that he is ready for the challenge. Before the pandemic break, I was averaging 25.7 points (with 49.8% shooting), 10.6 assists and 7.9 rebounds.

Nobody doubts that he will go out for all in these closed-door games, with the opportunity to win his first ring for the LakersYes, and with the support of another star like Anthony Davis. A couple that, if things are not twisted, have many numbers to achieve that ring.