José Manuel Calderón, Recently retired from his 14-year NBA career, he has referred to LeBron James as the player who has most “surprised” him by “everything that moves both on and off the court”, while his former teammate Sergio Rodríguez has pointed to Jamal Crawford as the rival that he liked the most to face despite being “very difficult to defend”.


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“LeBron is the player who has surprised me the most for all that it entails, which moves both on and off the court. As a player he is the most complete player, on the whole I think he is good at everything. His thought was to want to win every day , being the first and the last to leave but really, he doesn’t have days off when the season begins. And as a person he is super intelligent and you can talk to him about everything, “Calderón told DAZN, which is collected by Europa Press.

José Manuel Calderón showed his admiration for LeBron James | EFE

For his part, Sergio Rodríguez, who played in the NBA in two different periods, reminded the players against whom he “was very excited to play”, about during his first stage in the American league, which he came to when he was very young.

“Jason Williams, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, and later Kobe, LeBron, are players who always want to play against them, Tracy McGrady too. Perhaps the player that I liked the most to play against, although it was very difficult to defend, it was Jamal Crawford, “recalled the current Armani Milan player.